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Payment Options for Subscriptions

1. METROBANK (Over-the-counter)

To pay, please include the following details on the Payment Slip (Green form):

COMPANY NAME:   Ateneo de Manila University (MISCELLANEOUS)
SUBSCRIBER NAME:   Name of paying client
REFERENCE NO.:   Year and Type of subscription (Individual/Institutional)
SUBSCRIBER NO.:   123-078-006
MODE OF PAYMENT:   Cash/Check/Debit Account

Email us your proof of payment (



Accepts Visa/MasterCard (debit or credit card) of any issuing bank.

1. Log in to

2. Provide the following information:

2.1 Reference Number: 123078006

2.2 Amount to be paid

2.3 Payer Name (name to be indicated in the receipt)

2.4 Particulars (purpose of payment)

2.5 Nominated e-mail address

3. Select preferred payment method

4. Enter card details

4.1 Card number

4.2 Expiry date – month and year

4.3 Security code - the 3 digits after the card number on the signature panel at the back of your card

5. Wait for payment to be processed and confirmation to be sent to your nominated e-mail account.

6. Email us your proof of payment (



First step is to enroll your bills thru BPI.

1. Log in to BPI Online (

2. Go to Other Services>Recipients>Manage Recipients

3. Click “Add New Recipient” in the upper left portion

4. Select Type of Recipients then choose Billers


6. Input the 9-digit Unit Budget Account Number in the Reference Number field (123078006)

7. Confirm correctness of details

8. Wait for the One-Time-Pin (OTP) to your nominated mobile number

9. Confirm OTP

10. Wait Biller Confirmation to your nominated e-mail address


Via Internet or EOL payment (express online payment)

1. Log in to BPI Online (

2. Go to Payments/Load > Pay Bills.

3. Choose the account you would like to pay from.

4. Indicate the amount you wish to pay.

5. Select “AMISCU” in your list of Billers.

6. Confirm correctness of details.

7. Wait for the One-Time-Pin (OTP) to your nominated mobile number.

8. Confirm OTP.

9. Wait Bills Payment Confirmation to your nominated e-mail address.

10. Email us your proof of payment (


Individual copies are also available in Shopee,


For other concerns, please contact:

Mr. Ramil Balubal - Editorial Assistant
Ateneo de Manila University

Philippine Studies Journal Office

Room 204, Bellarmine Hall, Katipunan Ave.,

Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108 Philippines