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Vol 17, No 3 (1969)

Table of Contents


Consolidation of Tradition in Nineteenth-Century Tagalog Poetry PDF
Bienvenido L. Lumbera 377-411
Mao Tse-Tung and Marxistleninist Revisionism PDF
Gabino A. Mendoza 412-435
The Business Curriculum and the Faculty for the 1970's PDF
Gabino A. Mendoza 436-456

Texts and Documents

Documents Relating to Father Jose Burgos and the Cavite Mutiny of 1872 PDF
John N. Schumacher, S.J., Nicholas P. Cushner, S.J. 457-529


The Philosophical Analysis of Religious Language PDF
Ruben L. Habito, S.J. 530-555
The Church and the Regulation of Birth: After Humanae Vitae PDF
Vitaliano R. Gorospe, S.J. 556-585

Notes and Comments

The Engkanto Belief: An Essay in Interpretation PDF
Francisco Demetrio 586-596
Aspects of Literacy and Educational Attainment in the Philippines PDF
D.C. Bennett 597-604

Review Articles

Elements of Philippine Politics: Two Views PDF
Anne Marie Geoghagan 605-616
The Latest Commentary on the Bible PDF
P.J. Calderone,S.J. 617-624

Book Reviews

Art and Intellect: Masks and Signature PDF
Felixberto C. Sta. Maria 625-626
A Sense of Symbol: Symbol in Comparative Religion and the Georgics PDF
John F. Doherty 626-627
An Introduction to Programmed Education: Teaching Machines and Programmed Instruction PDF
Betty O. Martinez 627-630
The Spirit of the Scriptures: The Source of Revelation PDF
Joseph J. Smith, S.J. 630-632
Divorce in the Catholic Church: Divorce and Remarriage PDF
Samuel R. Wiley, S.J. 632-637
Tribute to Aguinaldo: The Young Aguinaldo PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 637-640
Norms for the New Theology: The Concept of Truth and Theological Renewal PDF
Joseph F. Murphy, S.J. 640-646
On the Diversity of Philippine Geography: The Philippine Island World PDF
Michael McPhelin 646-647