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Vol 5, No 1 (1957)

Table of Contents


The Chapel of the Holy Sacrifice at the University of the Philippines PDF
Fernando Zobel de Ayala 1-8
Modern Catholic Thought on the Evolution of Man's Body PDF
Bernard J. Le Frois 9-22
Labor Relations and the Administrative Process in the Philippines PDF
H. D. Woods 23-44
President Magsaysay's Consecration of the Phippines to the Sacred Heart PDF
Leo A. Cullum 45-70
Philippine Bibliographical Survey: 1956 PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 71-84

Notes and Comment

Progress in Vietnam PDF
Julio R. Rosales D.D. 85-86
Our Dwindling Forests PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 87-92
Soldiers Impersonating a Priest PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 82-94

Books Reviewed

Philippine Plenary Council PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 95-98
New Ilocano Grammar PDF
Isaias X. Edralin 99-101
Ignorance at the Sorbonne: Malaya, Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines PDF
Thomas R. McHale 101-103
Public Funds and Legal Equality PDF
Nicholas A. Kunkel 104-105
Kempis Retranslated: In Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary PDF
Henry A. Coffey 105-106
The Art of Symbol-Making: Literary Symbol PDF
Antonio T. Leetai 106-109


Contributors to this Issue PDF
Volume 5 Number 1 1957 95-98