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Vol 8, No 4 (1960)

Table of Contents


The Ceap Convention of 1960 PDF
Philippine Studies Editors 689–716
Church and State in the American Environment PDF
Edward Duff 717–743
Sturge Moore As Mystic PDF
H. B. Furay 744–771
The APO-DIOS Concept in Northern Luzon PDF
William Henry Scott 772–788
Qumran Revisited PDF
J. J. J. Kavanagh 789–801
The Spanish Churches of Central Luzon (I) PDF
Richard Ahlborn 802–813


The Arts: 1960 PDF
Antonio G. Manuud 814–822

Notes and Comments

Looking for Scrolls PDF
Joseph J. Kavanagh 823–827
The Philippine-American Cultural Center PDF
Dalmacio Martin 827–833
Theology for Sisters PDF
Gerald Healy 833–836
The FIDA Resolution PDF
Jorge R. Coquia 837–840
Communism Seminar in Cebu PDF
John M. Dougherty 840–845

Review Article

The Wildcat and the Pigeons PDF
Benito F. Legarda 846–867

Book Reviews

Aglipay and His Church: Religious Revolution in the Philippines, by Pedro S. da Achútegui, S.J. and Miguel A. Bernad, SJ. PDF
Leo A. Cullum 868–871
Catholicism for Everyman: The Idea of Catholicism, ed. Walter J. Burghardt, SJ., and William F. Lynch, S.J. PDF
C. G. Arevalo 871–874
Government in Context: Of Man and Politics, by Otto Butz PDF
Ricardo J. Romulo 874–877
Sanctity in Marriage: Marriage is Holy, ed. by H. Caffarel PDF
Samuel R. Wiley 877–878
A Cheerful Giver: Umfundisi, by Fr. Thomas M. Calkins, O.S.M PDF
Sister Ann Stephen 878–880
Santos and Carunungan: Like a Big Brave Man and Brother, My Brother PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 880–882
Courtesy: A Christian Gentleman, by the Committee on Politeness of De la Salle College PDF
Benigno Mayo 883
Christianity and Culture: The Historic Reality of Christian Culture, by Christopher Dawson PDF
Rolando N. Quintos 883–890
Essays in the American Catholic Tradition, ed. P. Albert Duhamel PDF
Sister Joanna Marie 890–891
Mary vs. Lucifer: The Apparitions of Our Lady, 1531–1933, by John Ireland Gallery PDF
Sister Mary Alice 892–894
Mystic and Reformer: Catherine of Siena, by Igino Giordani PDF
Sister Miriam Catherine 894–895
Strong Medicine: Spiritual Highlights for Sisters, by Rev. Bruno Hagspiel, SVD PDF
Sister Mary Alice 895–897
The Purpose of Missions: Pioneer Theories of Missiology, by Ronan Hoffman, O.F.M. PDF
Leo A. Cullum 898–899
Life in Christ: Christ in Us, by James Kilgallon and Gerard Weber PDF
C. G. Arevalo 899–901
Social Change in Asia: Reality and Vision, by Tsung-yi Lin PDF
Jaime Bulatao 901–902
Maranao Analyzed: The Inflection and Syntax of Maranao Verbs, by Howard P. McKaughan PDF
Roderick J. Hemphill 902–903
The Modern Parish: My Father’s Business, by Abbé Michonneau PDF
Ramon J. T. Salazar J. T. Ramon J. T. Salazar 904–905
Science Serving Charity: Social Work is Catholic Action, by Thomas A. Mitchell S.J. PDF
G. W. Healy 905–906
Old Testament Heroes: Introducing The Old Testament, by Frederick L. Moriarty, S.J. PDF
James T. Griffin 906–907
Skills and Techniques for Reading French, by Seibert and Crocker; and The German Science Reader, by G. W. Radimersky. PDF
Teodoro A. Llamzon 907–910
A Moral Philosophy for Management, by Benjamin M. Selekman PDF
Gerald W. Healy 911–913
Trends in Asian Trade: Economic Survey of Asia and The Far East, by the United Nations PDF
Gabriel Y. Itchon 913–915