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Vol 11, No 3 (1963)

Table of Contents

Philippine Religious Magery PDF
Benito Legarda y Fernandez 434-438


Can Art be Immoral? PDF
Joseph P. del Tufo 381-389
A Note on the Golden Image of Agusan PDF
Juan R. Francisco 390-400
Early French Contacts with the Philippines PDF
H. de la Costa 401-418

Notes and Comment

Laurel's Political and Moral Philosophy PDF
Vitaliano R. Gorospe, S.J. 419-427
School Ethics Reconsidered PDF
Gertrudes R. Ang 428-430
Today's Native is Yesterday's Visitor PDF
Frank Lynch, S.J. 431-433

Book Review

Value-Requiredness: Ethical Naturalism and the Modern Wolrd-View PDF
Vitaliano R. Gorospe 439-444
A Tool for the Seminarian: Methodology of Study and Scientific Work PDF
Samuel R. Wiley, S.J. 444-446
Subjective Metaphysics: The Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel PDF
Michael C. Reilly 446-447
Symposium on Leo: Leo XIII and the Modern World PDF
Austin V. Dowd 447-448
Morality in Advertising: An Introduction to Some Ethical Problems of Modern American Advertising PDF
Vitaliano R. Gorospe 449-452
Clear Description of An Old Foe: Canser PDF
Rosalina I. Zamora 452-453
Knowledge Plus Affection Equals Insight: The Philippines: A Young Republic on the Move PDF
Mary R. Hollnsteiner, Frank Lynch 454-457
The Young Scientists: Science in Our Surroundings, Book Two, with Experiment and Demonstration Manual PDF
Jaime C. Joaquin 457-458
Angry Theatre: New British Drama PDF
Miguel A. Bernad 458-459
Dramatic Stuggle: Little Brown Brother: How the United States Purchased and Pacified the Philippine Islands at the Century Turn PDF
John N. Schumacher 460-461

Survey Article

Art in Sulu: A Survey PDF
David Szanton 465-502